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Electric Furnace

1) Main Furnace Body:

The main furnace body shall be fabricated from commercial quality M.S. plate duly reinforced with vertical and transverse rolled steel structural members to make the casing rigid and strong so as to withstand operational stresses, roof thrust and thermal expansion. The vertical buck stays would be fixed the skid and cross-tied at the top. Furnace will be painted with two coats of high temperature heat resistant paint.

2) Silicon Carbide Heating Elements:

Suitably rated reaction bonded high density `ALPHA ROD’ Silicon Carbide Heating Elements will be used as the main heat source for the furnace. 36 kw each heater x 12 (3 KW EACH)

3) Control Panel:

Control Panel will consist of Ammeter, Volt Meter, and Standard Switch Gear etc., will be provided in a neat enclosed panel box. All electrical used will be of reputed make. The panel board will be powder coated. Temperature controller will be provided along with thermocouple to accurately measure the chamber temperature of the furnace & maintain the temperature.

4) Refractory Lining:

Refractory Lining will be of 4 Courses. First course will be of ceramic paper. Second course will be of calcium silicate board. Third course will be of cold face bricks and the fourth and final course will be of hot phase bricks giving a very efficient thermal insulation.

Some of the features of the furnace:

1) Very easy maintenance as there is no downtime in heater change i.e., heaters can be changed on line.
2) Long crucible life has uniformity, heating takes please on all 4 sides.
3) Low energy consumption: As silicon carbide heating elements are very efficient in converting electric energy to heat.

Range: 100 Kg - 1 Ton

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